The Library of Africa and the African Diaspora Opens in Accra, Ghana

It was her love of African and African Diaspora literature that compelled Ghanaian-British writer Sylvia Arthur to source and organize the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora (LOATAD). Recently opened, the assemblage of new, old, and rare books began 2 years ago with Arthur’s donation from her personal collection. Library holdings now include more than 4,000 titles. With the intention to celebrate the literary power and freedom that binds people of African descent, the collection is described as a “decolonized private library and a literary oasis.” The library site doubles as a reunion zone where author readings, spoken word performances, film screenings, discussions, debates, and literary dinners are frequently hosted.
While not a part of its formal description, LOATAD offers the African Diaspora community a towering example of what Black self-regard can generate. One focused and resourceful person taking action, can turn great visions into reality. Click here to learn more about an amazing Sister who created an amazing library, with the entire African Diaspora in mind.