The SHADD Piano, Manufactured by A Brother: Music to Our Ears!

We’ve gifted the world with masterful piano playing from Nina Simone, Erroll Garner, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, and many others. So, learning that one of the best pianos in the marketplace is built by a Black man is music to the ears! Warren Shadd of Washington D.C. is not only the firsst large-scale African American piano manufacturer in the U.S., he’s also a visionary inventor. His SHAAD piano includes quality features unheard of in traditional pianos. It marries the best design features of cherished old instruments built by hand, with amazing features made possible by new technology. A roster of stellar pianists have tried it and were wowed. Click here to learn more about the extraordinary talent and skills Warren Shadd has unleashed to manufacture high quality pianos.

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