When Bed-Stuy Men Walk Pedestrians From Train to Prevent Muggings

Richard Beavers is a good brother who knows other good brothers. So when multiple muggings in his area of the Bedford–Stuyvesant section in Brooklyn, New York posed a threat to women walking home from the subway at night, Beavers and Thomas Simms founded We Make Us Better. Along with their friend Kareem Varlack, they began standing outside the Utica Ave. station on the A line, ready to walk women home if needed.

Beavers is invested in his community. His Richard Beavers Gallery brings delightful art shows and creative opportunities to the neighborhood. What We Make Us Better did was not just protect community members, but also built local civic capital by mentoring teens to carry on that work, and more. Click here to learn more about the every day good that Black men do.


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