Brilliant High School Scientist Invents Sutures That Detect Early Infection

She’s only 17. Yet, Dasia Taylor has created a unique medical technology that makes surgical sutures change colors to detect infections. Since post-surgical infections are a common problem, being able to more closely monitor and know when infections begin could be a significant game changer. Taylor’s invention could directly impact an untold number of lives.   

It was learning about another post-surgical technology for infection detection that inspired Taylor to create a process that did not require a patient to use their smart phone. She recognized that many people, particularly in developing countries, would not be able to afford a smart phone. So she worked on creating an infection detection process with less associated costs, that could therefore provide patients more equitable access. The patent application for Taylor’s invention is pending.

In addition to Taylor’s great scientific mind, she displays a refreshing level of maturity and self-less responsibility. While discussing the technical aspects of her invention, she highlighted its importance as a source of uplift and inspiration for others. “Knowing that I have inspired people all over the world is the real prize to me . . . This isn’t just for me”.

To learn more about the brilliant Dasia Taylor, click here to view a PBS news segment in which she was featured. Allow her genius to inspire your own.

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