Heroic Father Rescues His Twin Girls, Despite Raging Fire

Ray Lucas and Shi’Ann Brown were shocked to return home, after being away only 15 minutes, and find their house in flames. When the parents of 18-month twins realized none of the relatives standing outside the house were holding their girls, both mother and father ran into the house to save their children. Facing intense heat and flames, Brown was forced to retreat. But Lucas would not be deterred. Completely blinded by smoke and darkness, the determined father had only his memory to guide him through hall-ways and stair-wells. To reach his girls  Lucas sustained second and third degree burns, injury from smoke inhalation, and eye trauma that left him temporarily blinded. And Ray Lucas rescued his babies.

One newspaper article reporting the tragedy stated “the family looses it all”. Perhaps—because of the indomitable courage and heroic love of a father—the family gained it all.

Ray Lucas reflects a long and enduring legacy of Black fathers who protect and provide for their children. They are generally easier to find when we look for them. Click here to read more about the invincible Black man who walked through fire and saved his twin girls. 

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