Brooklyn Street Named To Honor Haitian Hero Jean-Jacques Dessalines

In this month of celebrating American independence–as debates about which history makers should have monuments erected in their honor increase—a New York street has been renamed to honor a Haitian hero. His name is Jean-Jaques Dessalines, one of three legendary generals who led the successful revolt of enslaved Africans in Haiti. 
Successor to  Dutty Boukman and Toussaint L’overture, General Dessalines led the final surge of Africans who achieved a historic victory. Today, Haiti holds the distinction of being the only country in the western hemisphere where Black people fought and achieved independence.That’s why the street now bears his name. Click here to learn more about the street naming. As a bonus, click here for more information about Jean-Jacques Dessalines’ historic achievement, driven by his undying commitment to achieving independence.

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