Daughter Inspired Business Brings Haitian Teas to Your Doorstep

It was Sanaa Pierre, a brilliant 8-year-old and first-generation Haitian American, who first suggested to her mother that they share the Haitian teas they loved with others. Her mom, Sandra Florvella, listened. Considering that Haiti’s mineral rich mountain farms are known to produce high quality herbal and medicinal plants that render particularly robust flavors, Sanaa’s idea appeared to have real merit. After 3 years of researching, planning, and structuring business collaborations, the mother-daughter duo launched Haitea, a Black-owned, all-natural brand of herbs and teas sourced directly from women farmers.
Florvella expressed an important focus of the Haitea brand when she sated, “We have an opportunity to not only share what comes from Haiti but to create job opportunities in Haiti.” This perspective reflects an inward-facing business model that affirms and utilizes resources associated with her family’s cultural and national heritage. It reflects an ability to look to one’s self—rather than outwardly to other people and their resources—to find
To learn more about the Haitea business design and products, click here.

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