Once Homeless and Incarcerated, Used Creative Persistence & Transformed His Life

Like many young Black men, Darrnell Fergusen’s life included twists and turns that compromised his greatness. Yet, after being incarcerated and homeless, he apparently shifted his thought patterns and action-habits to tap into the legacy of Black achievement. After being repeatedly knocked down in life, he chose to repeatedly get back up. Darnell is a powerful example, a demonstration, perhaps even an icon for how Black folks—and especially the formerly incarcerated and homeless—can still create magnificent lives, while Black. Darnell represents the kind of success that is
available when we vision, plan, and take actions required to reach identified goals.
After reading this article and learning how Darnell won multiple cooking awards, and opened 3—yes, 3 restaurants in Kentucky and Ohio, would you  share this story with at least three people? Would you use this article to encourage a few Black men and others in your network to step up, to climb, to win? Will you share Darnell’s story at your school or with workplace colleagues? How about sending out an inspirational group text with a link to the article? In whatever way you choose, we hope you will remind others—and especially young men like Darnell—that no matter what it looks like, they must look forward and persist. Invite them to join the relentless ranks of other Darnells, who did not stop until success was clenched. Click here for more details. And, thank you.

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