When Moors Conquered and Ruled in Europe

Recent focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine brings attention to Europe’s long history of military conflicts. While one historic invasion of Europe is less known, the time when Africans conquered and ruled the territory of present-day Spain and Portugal is well documented.
The extended period of African dominance began in 711 AD when a determined army of mostly Berbers from Northwest Africa crossed the Strait of Gibralter, invaded European shores, and began an 800-year reign. The conquerers were Moors, African muslims who brought a tremendous knowledge-base to Europe. In fact, it was the depth of Moorish influence that transformed the entire Iberian Peninsula into an economic center where education and science flourished for hundreds of years. Under African Islamic influence, this territory became one of the most prosperous and highly developed in Europe.
Click here to learn more about Moorish knowledge, culture and innovations that helped develop Europe. Be reminded that people of African descent broadly influenced world history, as evidence that African descendants can broadly influence the world’s future.
For a detailed history of when Moors ruled in Europe, click here to purchase the fascinating book “The Story of Moors in Spain” from Black Classic Press.

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